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Costs Drafting Services

Costs Litigation (by arrangement)
Drafting Bills of Costs
Drafting Points of Dispute
Drafting Replies to Points of Dispute
Attending upon Detailed Assessments
Preparation of advices and file reviews
Drafting Costs Estimates
Drafting Statements of Costs
In-house Training and Seminars
Advising on funding issues and Conditional Fee Agreements
Negotiation (by arrangement)

The above is by no means the totality of the work we do, unlike most costs firms we undertake all types of work and therefore you should not hesitate in contacting us to discuss your particular requirements.



Costs Lawyers & Legal Costs Consultants

Bill Drafting, Points of Dispute and Replies, Negotiation, Advocacy, Costs Budgets, Costs Management, Advice, Funding Issues & Training