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Dominic Swallow - Costs Lawyer


Dominic has over a decade of experience of working in the costs industry. Within this time Dominic has gained a wealth of extensive and diverse experience and is acknowledged as an expert within the field. Dominic's practice is now equally split between traditional costs drafting functions, advocacy and providing training.

Whilst over the years Dominic 's practice has mainly been related to Civil Costs he has also gained experience of Family costs (both publicly and privately funded), Criminal costs and Tribunal costs, in particular in relation to actions within the Lands Tribunal.

Dominic has recently qualified as a Costs Lawyer, being one of the last few people to have been admitted directly as a Fellow of the Association of Costs Draftsmen (now Association of Costs Lawyers). Being qualified as a Costs Lawyer means that Dominic holds rights of audience within his own right as well as rights to conduct litigation, which he is willing to exercise, subject to prior agreement..

In recent years Dominic has been working with Central Law Training Limited to provide a variety of training seminars - please see our Training page for further details.



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Brief Background

Over the past decade Dominic has worked in a variety of roles, to include: 

Working for the largest Defendant Costs Negotiating firm in the country. Dominic was involved from a relatively early stage in technical and strategic litigation, including challenges to the enforceability of Conditional Fee Agreements; recoverability of After the Event Insurance premiums; Group Litigaiton costs arising from Travel Litigation; and some of the early challenges relating to The Accident Group funding mechanism.

Working in-house at a boutique firm, specialising in personal injury litigation. Dominic was responsible for stream-lining the costs function within the firm and dealt with all aspects of costs recovery, to include detailed assessment. During his time here Dominic also continued to act on behalf of Defendant Insurers in objecting to costs claims. 

Being asked to join a top-25 National commercial law firm, where Dominic headed up the National Costs Unit. Responsibilities included day-to-day 'costs drafting' functions but principally revolved around dealing with a wide variety of funding issues on behalf of the firm, together with 'Solicitor/Own' client costs.

Working for a firm of Solicitors, within their specialist Costs Litigation Department dealing predominantly with high-value, technical costs claims. Dominic was also responsible for setting up and managing a dedicated department to specialise in claims being made under Before the Event Insurance policies.


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