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Why us


The only way that you will be sure that you are maximising your costs recovery, and therefore your profitability, is by utilising the services of a professional Costs Drafting Company.

The benefits of using a professional Costs Drafting Company speak for themselves and the chances are that you are currently using a Costs Draftsman or Costs Drafting Company - the question therefore is why should you use us? 

  1. We aim to remove the hassle that costs creates for you - you are experts in your field, we are experts in ours - our clients know they can instruct us safe in the knowledge that we will take the headache away, leaving our clients to concentrate on the next file;
  2. We have the experience and up-to-date knowledge to maximise your costs recovery;
  3. All files are returned not only with a Bill but also with an advice to assist in your negotiations;
  4. We continually monitor current case law and costs developments and impart that knowledge to our clients;
  5. We pride ourselves on offering a quality, professional service with our client's satisfaction being paramount;
  6. We strive to provide our clients with the equivalent of an external "in-house" costs solution;
  7. Our business model is simple - happy clients = continuous growth - we don't make promises we can't keep nor do we utilise convoluted charging structures.

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